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short hair...

i really really really want to do something different with my hair. i cut it off short this past spring and i really love having short hair. now though i think i want something a little more funky and piecy and whatnot but i am not sure that i can pull it off. i'm not on my regular computer or i would post pictures of myself in this entry but if you want to see what my hair looks like now i have two photos of myself on my userinfo page. the first is my boyfriend and i and the second is me and my two best friends and you can see the hairstyle really well in them.

anyway, i was watching "Faking It" on TLC last and the girl they had on there (they were taking this tall geeky computer programmer woman and turning her into a runway model) got the cutest cut when they made her over! unfortunately i tried looking for pics from the episode and got nothing.

anyway, i want something piecier and sassier and funkier, maybe with some nice side swept bangs like the ones in this picture...

just gimme some ideas! i like my short hair bu i'm not entirely satisfied with the style!
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