heather (thegrassisgreen) wrote in icallitarthur,

hey, im not sure if this is the right commmunity to post in, if it is then good, if it isnt then.im really sorry i just couldnt find anywhere else to post this and i REALLY need help.
i havent cut/trimmed my hair in a year. im like, SCARED of cutting my hair and i have been ever since i was little. i really need it cut now, i have straight hair down to almost my butt (by one inch) and its all frrizzy and dry.....

i want a cut thats about bra strap length ( or longer) and that has long layers all over that are starting at the chin.

ive been wanting this cut for about five months. i just always putting it off, and i know its because im scared, and i dont know why.
can anyone please help me get over this? i would REALLLY apreciate it!
and also if anyone has a picture of a haircut thats like the one i described, that would be awesome too.
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