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the power of a good haircut's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the power of a good haircut

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Cutting mixed/afro hair without a clippers/electric shaver? [06 Mar 2010|07:04pm]
Hey everyone, my boyfriend is studying abroad in Paris and is freaking out about cutting his hair. His clippers broke, and buying a new one will be expensive...getting a haircut/shave would probably cost just as much. It's about 1 maybe 1.5 cm long, and he claims there's no way to cut it other than using a clippers...is he exaggerating, or would some kind of 'a lot of shaving cream and a sitting down in the bathroom for a while with a razor' be a possible solution? I could do it for him...but he says it won't work without an amazing razor. To be honest, I don't know if he's tried it like that or any other way than his electric shaver/clippers method though or not in a long time, so that's why I ask. Any suggestions, as to how to shave back a centimeter or so of 'fro (half caucasian/black hair, fairly soft), or where to maybe order a cheaper clippers online than he can find at the first place in Paris he finds one? Or possible cheap/free haircut/barber places in Paris? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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hair help [08 Jun 2008|01:50am]


I really need help, i hate my hair , i never wear it down, its always tied back coz even though i dont have a fringe the front just drops forward and looks a mess , i hate fringes though. I love the idea of having millions of layers in my hair but not like too short as i want to be able to tie it up. I liek the idea of having it like just above my shoulder but i had that done once and it didnt suit me . nothing suits me and i dont no what to do! 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

thank you

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[18 Mar 2007|09:28pm]

So who here actually cuts their own hair
and who enjoys cutting ther own?

I do
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new hair? [25 Jan 2007|08:24pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I need an opinion on whether I should cut my hair.
I'm turning 15 this year and I have shoudler length hair which is ash blonde and wavy.
I either want to
A - get it short, and I do have time to style it in the mornings before school.
B - grow it super long but with layers so its very funky. (I'm a funky kinda girl HAHAHA)
So what's your opinions?
picsCollapse )

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[29 Jul 2006|06:39pm]

college is around the corner and I want to get a haircut before I go.
I work at a summer camp teaching swim lessons so my hair is fried and chlorine-y and bright blonde.
It's going to go back to being brown before I leave, but it's the style I need tons of advice with.

I would love something....shaggy or angled and chic, but I also need to be able to put it up in a ponytale, even a super short one.

I'm completely out of ideas and that's where you come in! hopefully. <3

oh some history: My hair's wavy and funky. It will take a curl and it will go straight but it dries wavy and weird.
I'm a dye-addict. I'm naturally blonde with these black eyebrows, which I got sick of and decided to go brunette/auburn-y colored. I dye my hair about every 2 months or when my roots start to piss me off, but usually it's the same shade of brown.

so my hair is not the healthiest thing. But, it's not hay yet.

curly: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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[26 Feb 2006|08:21pm]

I need help, does anyone know what a "shotgun blast haircut" is!
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[25 Feb 2006|11:50pm]

I'm bored of my hair again. Time for a change.
pic and details under hereCollapse )

Tips on how to find a good hairdresser are also welcome.
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HELLO OUT THERE! [21 Jan 2006|09:41pm]
i really want a new look i want to go short but not too short. HELP! oh and pictures would be nice :D

testing..1..2..3..Collapse )
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[15 Jan 2006|02:12am]

I need a haircut. My hair's to the bottom of my shoulder blades, and it kind of thick, has a slight wave to it (but it stays straight if I just blowdry it).

I want to cut it. I'd like to do it myself (I've never successfully cut my own hair, though, so if I have to have it cut that's fine, it just needs to look good), I don't want it to look too boyish, or be too long(or too boring... I don't want just a straight-across shoulder-length cut), and I don't want it to take more than 10 minutes to style in the morning (but if it's really worth it I don't mind).

This is going to sound wacky, but I have a sort of funny shaped head, so I have to work around that.

I'd prefer not to have bangs, or if I did not whispy or thin ones.

Soo, suggestions on styles (and what products I'd need to keep it that way) are really, really appreciated.
I think a lot ot the teased hairstyles I've seen are really cute, and am kind of leaning towards that sort of idea... Though, that might look bad on me, no?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
pics taken at 1am, excuse the terrible-ness... I don't always look this badCollapse )


(cross-posted to anywhere that looks like it could help)
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[06 Jan 2006|04:00pm]
I'm new here
here's a hair timeline that's not really totally in order^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Read more...Collapse )
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[22 Jul 2005|08:33pm]

Alright, my hair needs help.

This is me now:Collapse )

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Noo HAIR!!! [20 Jul 2005|10:43pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


Unless they work at Boo!Collapse )

V. Picture heavy, sorry!

X-posted in starbright_girl

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[22 Jun 2005|11:02pm]

[ mood | bored ]

meh...here's some random haircuts and colors I've had in the past four months or so, I havent really updated in here much.

It gradually gets shorter but theyre all mixed up... sorry in advance for the confusion.

.....Collapse )

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[23 May 2005|03:27pm]


what kinds of haircuts looks good on girls with round faces? i've been dying for something different, and it seems that my face always gets lost behind my hair. i want to go shorter [and honestly, i've been really wanting to try a pixie cut] but i'm afraid it will make my face look too full. i'm also a medium build, curvy person, and i don't want my hair to accentuate the..more unflattering parts of my body.

picturesCollapse )

thanks : )
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[20 May 2005|11:41pm]

A few months ago, I was at more than a year's worth of glorious growth, as you can see here:

Old hairCollapse )

And then it started getting unruly, so the obvious option was to get it trimmed. Being the cheap and very possibly stupid bastard that I am, I went to SuperCuts. Long story short, they messed it up so bad that I had to cut it short to make it look even partially respectable.

As seen here:

Horrible new hairCollapse )

As you can see, I really need help. I need suggestions on coloring, styling, and possibly more cutting if need be. I'm not a standard run of the mill haircut kind of guy. I'm one of those rebellious artsy types, so help a guy out!
5 layers| cut that hair

[22 Mar 2005|07:39pm]

hey, im not sure if this is the right commmunity to post in, if it is then good, if it isnt then.im really sorry i just couldnt find anywhere else to post this and i REALLY need help.
i havent cut/trimmed my hair in a year. im like, SCARED of cutting my hair and i have been ever since i was little. i really need it cut now, i have straight hair down to almost my butt (by one inch) and its all frrizzy and dry.....

i want a cut thats about bra strap length ( or longer) and that has long layers all over that are starting at the chin.

ive been wanting this cut for about five months. i just always putting it off, and i know its because im scared, and i dont know why.
can anyone please help me get over this? i would REALLLY apreciate it!
and also if anyone has a picture of a haircut thats like the one i described, that would be awesome too.
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haircut time [10 Mar 2005|03:08pm]

so my boyfriend said i could do whatever to his hair... cut, style, dye, anything i want. i just don't really know what i could do, since his hair is so curly.

pictures...Collapse )

what he wants is to grow it a little longer and straighten it, but hair like that would be hard to get completely straight. i want to do something that wouldn't take him a long time to fix every day. maybe something "scene" or "emo" looking... any ideas at all?
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short hair... [26 Feb 2005|02:01pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

i really really really want to do something different with my hair. i cut it off short this past spring and i really love having short hair. now though i think i want something a little more funky and piecy and whatnot but i am not sure that i can pull it off. i'm not on my regular computer or i would post pictures of myself in this entry but if you want to see what my hair looks like now i have two photos of myself on my userinfo page. the first is my boyfriend and i and the second is me and my two best friends and you can see the hairstyle really well in them.

anyway, i was watching "Faking It" on TLC last and the girl they had on there (they were taking this tall geeky computer programmer woman and turning her into a runway model) got the cutest cut when they made her over! unfortunately i tried looking for pics from the episode and got nothing.

anyway, i want something piecier and sassier and funkier, maybe with some nice side swept bangs like the ones in this picture...


just gimme some ideas! i like my short hair bu i'm not entirely satisfied with the style!

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Oi! you lot!... [16 Feb 2005|01:41pm]

You seem like a nice bunch of people so I was wondering if you could help with my hair... It's just a mess and I need ideas(getting it cut on friday) to make it look good without walking out of the hairdressers with a fashion mullet
Thanyouu xXx
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Warning: x-posted hair ahead. [03 Jan 2005|08:46pm]

[ mood | Quite well, thank you. ]

So I got my hair cut.
And I daresay I'm quite proud of the results!
It's all asymmetrical and silly and it has a fringe. Damn glad with that fringe, I am.
I then proceeded to dye it blue-black, which I know from experience to become much less the latter and much more the former after a couple of weeks' worth of washing.

Before- and after-pictures included, just because.. y'know, because I can.
((My apologies for the quality of the pictures; the first one was the only one I had of my old hair, and the rest was taken just now, while a geeky-looking youth is curing my digicam of whatever curious ailment it is that possesses it.))

ANYWAY...Collapse )
And with this I shall leave you all in your relative peace.
G'day! Or g'night, or any other greeting of your choice if you ask nicely ^.~

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