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Warning: x-posted hair ahead.

So I got my hair cut.
And I daresay I'm quite proud of the results!
It's all asymmetrical and silly and it has a fringe. Damn glad with that fringe, I am.
I then proceeded to dye it blue-black, which I know from experience to become much less the latter and much more the former after a couple of weeks' worth of washing.

Before- and after-pictures included, just because.. y'know, because I can.
((My apologies for the quality of the pictures; the first one was the only one I had of my old hair, and the rest was taken just now, while a geeky-looking youth is curing my digicam of whatever curious ailment it is that possesses it.))


(TEH fuzz. Sorry about that.)


Because we all know pulling faces like an idiot is what cool people do XD

And with this I shall leave you all in your relative peace.
G'day! Or g'night, or any other greeting of your choice if you ask nicely ^.~
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